The Ten Sound Editing commandments (Ric Viers)

I am currently using Ric Viers Bible on sound effects,
There is a lot of useful information in this regarding audio post production , It’s a must read tbh.
Anyways, halfway through the book he gives the ten sound editing commandments, which are beautiful . Most of these should come as second nature but I found myself picking up a few useful techniques through this . hope you enjoy.

1. Thou shalt name thy sound.

2. Thou shalt save often.

3. Thou shall work non destructively.

4. Thou shalt copy media files from thy sessions.

5. Thou shall crop thy sound.

6. Thou shall honour the stereo field to keep it even.

7. Thou shalt not cut of thy sound.

8. Thou shall remove unholy clicks and pops from thy sound.

9. Thou shalt use wisdom whilst making thy cut.

10. Thou shalt protect thy ears.

For a full explanation of these please go away and buy the book . It’s really useful and I would fully suggest every sound designer having a copy.




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