A note on Ultrasonic recording.

I am currently conducting some experimentation in ultrasonic recordings,

This is a field in which the medical industry is very advanced. However in the audio industry is very limited.

For not many good reasons aswell, as an audio geek I love the prospect of hearing things outwith our domain of hearing. The amount academic literature on recording ultrasonics is very minimal even though recording ultrasonics is reachable with minimal equipment. I hope to be recording ultrasonics within the next couple of weeks once I have built a new microphone to do this, thanks to http://www.wildlife-sound.org/equipment/technote/micdesigns/index.html wildlife sounds guide to building budget ultrasonic microphones.

I will be posting the results here soon , and I hope you guys are as fascinated by ultrasonics as i am .

I would like to give my thanks to the wildlife recording society due to their journals having a large amount of research into ultrasonic recordings which has been extremely helpful for my educational and professional learning recently.




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