Back to the grind.

After some , ehm… Restbite from professional audio work I have decided to get right back into it.

I’m going to be mixing and mastering again with a brand new skillset. But will also soon hopefully be making the plunge into professional post production. which I am very excited about.

I am currently nailing through a book titled “The expressive power of sound design for film” which has some amazing teachings and considerations for workflows and general sound design. I would highly recommend it to anybody who would like to learn more about workflows or even just heavy sound design.

For example. I have recently been talking with a Director and we have decided that me being around for the story boards etc is a good idea as it will give me a deeper insight into exactly what the director wants. but after reading this book, I have found a new technique – Concept Clips. This can be done pre storyboard/pre prod and it really helps get across ideas early on.

An Audio Concept clip allows you to get your ideas into WAV form early on (even pre pre production) and this will give the director a little nudge into what direction you think the audio should go. The feedback from the director at this stage is amazing because after a few concepts you will more than likely be on the same level sonically (after deliberating and figuring things out between concept clips). This means you will not have to go through this during the post stage. saving time in the long run and smoothening the whole process all together.

This is also a fantastic excersize,
Imagine a scene from a film.
you have no foley yet, or ADR.
but you do have the ability to scribble down your ideas (sonically).

Give it a blast! You may end up with some really cool sounds by mistake you can use elsewhere.




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